Ah yes blogging, a point of contention between web folk! I myself have blogged on and off for years and have quite often kicked myself for not being more consistent, as over the years I’ve developed quite a substantial following and have always had a great response to blog posts.

So personally I enjoy blogging – but it’s not for everyone!

Why Blog?


If you were going to blog, you would do so for the following reasons:

  • Rapport, Relationships and Trust: Firstly, the main reason I would encourage anyone who is in a people 2 people business to blog is to build rapport and trust. Blogging gives you the opportunity to share your value and knowledge and allows people to get to know you and what you do. Also if your website is structured properly it gives you an opportunity to encourage sales and place calls to action throughout your site, thus theoretically increasing the chance of a sale PLUS enabling you to grow an e-mail list of people who know, like and trust you!
  • Search engine optimization: If done correctly blog posts can help you get found in the search engines for terms that are less competitive than mainstream searches. So for example; you’re a massage therapist and have decided you’d like to get found on-line, you could write blog posts about common topics people might look for. For example you could write a post on “How Massage Can Relieve Neck Tension and Reduce Headaches” or “How to Relieve Migraines With Massage” – therefor hitting on topics people may search for to have them click on your link and come back to your website. The term ‘massage therapist’ is so wildly competitive you’d not even bother trying to get found on that so you’d go for other search terms or ‘long tail keywords’ that you’d be more likely to rank on. Also aiming for local searches is often much easier – so for example “plumber sydney” however this leads me to my next point.

Why You Wouldn’t Bother…

Blogging can be quite a time intensive process and many people will shy away from it as they just don’t enjoy writing or struggle to find the extra time to fit it in. It’s not always practical for all industries and you’ve really got to weigh up whether the time spent on it is worth it.

I wouldn’t recommend blogging to you if:

  • You can’t be consistent and blog regularly
  • Your target market isn’t going to come and read the blog
  • You’re not going to put the effort in to be strategic about it

Do I think blogging is valuable? Yes, but I also believe that if you’re going to bother it needs to be STRATEGIC!

At the end of the day blogging is a really time consuming process and let’s just say you’re a plumber or a tradie – yes, having blog posts on your website could definitely help you jump up in the search engines – but seriously – if you haven’t got time for it – you can just pay for a google ad and be at the top of the searches anyway.

Same goes for coaches, whilst it is valuable for you to blog, when you consider the time outlay – could you be better off running campaigns straight to a sales funnel? I believe so! You’ll still develop your following on your Facebook Page and be building a qualified list of people who are actually interested in buying from you!

The Irony

Writing a blog post about why I don’t think everyone should blog. ;p  Do I think blogging is valuable? Yes, but I also believe that if you’re going to bother it needs to be STRATEGIC!



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