Exploring The Divi Template Library

Exploring The Divi Template Library

I choose to build my Websites using the Divi 3.0 WordPress Theme predominantly because my main aim when I build out any website is to make them user friendly and simple for my clients. My focus is providing my clients with a website that they can update themselves and make simple changes on, therefor avoiding having to spend ridiculous amounts of money back with the person who built it, which is pretty standard through most web firms. Of course, they want you to keep spending money with them!

The Divi theme comes with the Divi Library – this has a bunch of templates that have been started off for you. All in all it means it saves you time trying to design web pages from scratch and gives you a base to work with.

The Divi Library is an AWESOME feature. It allows you to create and save your own base templates or even full pages that have been previously designed. Also, it’s possible to get more advanced templates on-line, you can get free divi templates for the library as well as paid divi templates that have been created by Divi specialists.

If you want to see other divi library templates that are available simply search ‘free divi templates’ or ‘divi template packs’ on Google and you’ll find a ton of really nice designs that you can download and load to your own Divi library, it’s really quite cool!

There is no way in the back end of the website to see what the divi library templates look like unless you load them individually. I’ve made this post to show you the divi library and the divi templates that are built in with the theme and available to you.

Below are screenshots of each of the templates and how they start off. I tend to build my pages from scratch, but this is a quick way to get a new page on-line, especially if you’re new to the Divi 3.0 theme.

Click on the image to bring it up in to a full screen – the template names are at the bottom of each image.




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